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Hidden In The Shadows - Prolog 'Last Screams'
Slowly, the man opened his blue-greyish eyes. Tired eyelids made it harsh to catch a clear field of vision. How much time had passed, since the last time he slept? To be honest.. he didn’t even know for sure.
For a brief moment, the man squinted his eyes as the bright light in the corridor was lit. It seemed like he was getting used to the dark. Or he was just forgetting about the light in the world. That’s just the way it was.. after 3 months in this hellhole, you forget about the nice and bright things in life. Who could blame him fort hat?
Just a moment later, the heavy metaldoors of his cell were opened and two men in uniform entered the cell. Before he knew it, they grabbed him and forced him to get up. His weary joints ached .. he didn’t want any of this anymore.
Of course he knew where they were going to take him.. to the torture chamber, trying, again, to get a confession out of him. Perhaps he would’ve smiled or even laughed if the situation wasn’
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This piece is a mesmerizing sum of artistic talent combined with an elegant taste of derpage. The derp level of this illustration is mo...


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Sandra Gonzalez (Sandy)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I graduated from Ozarka College, one of the most laid back campuses in the USA. Now I work at the Ozark Folk Center State Park. I am the Cooper.

I can do a very awesome impersonation of the underpants gnomes
K, so people are all into Overwatch. I went an looked at it. Looks cool. I like the diversity, fanservice in that area not a far cry from Power Rangers back in the day (hopefully not cursed). Lotsa nice dudes 

I'm gonna make a shpeal of my first impressions of each Character (since I LOVE characters)
Now let me be clear: THESE WERE FIRST IMPRESSIONS. The characters either grew on me or I just continued to make fun of them.

Tracer Icon 2  Tracer - "Ah... sporty gal. Total game cover material. Shes... different. Something bout her I can't quite..."
Mercy smile Mercy - "Angel medic. Fair game. Whaaa? German accent? That was kinda blatant. Because she sounds like you-know-who..."
Mei - Overwatch Spray Emoticon  Mei: "Aww she's freakin cute!"
Zarya - Overwatch Spray Emoticon Zarya: "Aw sweet! Muscle hound!"
Symmetra - Overwatch Spray Emoticon Semetra: "Eeeyyy cool! An Indian lady! She looks... I got the feeling she's mean..."
Widowmaker Icon 3 Widowmaker: "cool name. She looks like she can be a real bitch (not a bad thing)."
Sombra Disapproves Sombra: "Ahk well... yeah that works! A fresh breath of air from the whole Mexico = technologically behind bullshit that I hear about too many times" D.Va: "She's cute- ALREADY HATE HER."
Pharah - Overwatch Spray Emoticon  Pharah: "Dangerous and well-armored. I can't seem to find a personality anywhere (yet)"
Ana: "Kickass old lady I've ever seen since Big Mama from MGS4, 'cept you actually play as her!"

Okay, on with the dudes

{F2U} Genji with Cat Ears Icon Genji: "Fast. Mysterious like the dark side of the moon (I'm terrible). Ah... Cyborg ninjas may be played out a bit, but the ass gives him a pass..."
High Noon Is Coming McCree: "Okay, clearly a Clint Eastwood character archetype, but the new generation don't even know who that is, so I guess they get away with that one. He's dopey in a way. Kinda funny/cute."
 :Reaper_static:  Reaper: "That's fucking Corvo Attano. How does no one else see this?"
:Soldier76_static: Soldier 76: "Hah! An old guy. Guess we all can use another old guy."
Bastion: "Beep beep boop!"
Hanzo: "OH COME ON! It was about a YEAR when Scorpion from MKX was revealed to be named Hanzo Hasashi! GUUUURRRRRCK- Dammit this guy has pretty eyes! I'll let it slide"
Hooley Dooley Junkrat: "Oh look, a crazy person. Lol his hair is on fire"
Torbjorn: "Dell Conagher and Gimli had a baby...I wish I was there"
Reinhardt: "Looks like the go-to guy when you keep losing game matches..."
Roadhog: "That pig face is freakin cool! The ink on his gut is cool! Brings me back to the days when me an the fam set up our booth at the Tiger Rally in Texas. There were so many drunk bikers there, don get me started!"
Winston: "This guy would have been a kickass addition to the Max Steel team!"
Lucio: "Cuteness of this guy caught me off guard. I kinda felt like the black DJ thing was played out far more than the cyborg ninja gimmick, but he has a cute face"
Zenyatta: "An extra android? Huh, a"

Anyways. These were FIRST IMPRESSIONS. I have changed my views a bit, but you can feel free to argue with me anyways (I have nobody to talk to), and I plan to draw some comics with these guys some time. I think exploring their personalities will be fun!
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